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August 12 2017

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Winsor McCay

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Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Diana knows every language on earth and doesn’t give a ffuUcK about social norms,
I’m in love, aren’t you?

August 11 2017

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Saul Leiter     Mr., New York City     c.1958

August 10 2017

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Paul Kirchner

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Perseus - The Gorgon@shoomlah

Flaunting Prowess - Gain by Unsavory Means

Perseus has a long history of carrying out outrageous acts in order to prove himself to anyone that might challenge his abilities. After a heated discussion regarding his inability to bring a wedding present to the King Polydectes of Seriphos, Perseus exclaimed that he would bring back anything the king wanted. Seeing his chance to send Perseus to his doom, the king of Seriphos asked for the head of Medusa the Gorgon. The story goes that Perseus appeared before Medusa as she rested, ready to behead her while she was at her most vulnerable.

The illustration depicts Medusa sitting and awaiting her death with Perseus’s sword resting against her neck. Here, Medusa is a victim of circumstance. Caught between a hateful king and a petulant youth, Medusa becomes a casualty of the two men’s game.

This is unnerving in the best way

August 09 2017

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Denis Korobkov

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Sometimes I feel the most incapable and uninspired when I have the most desire to draw. It can be frustrating, and it’s hard to know how to get out of it. This time it was going back and checking out Jake Wyatt’s comic Necropolis. His stuff is always motivating. 

August 08 2017

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Tasty as hell geometric identity design for Nomad Hill by Andrew Littmann

August 05 2017

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Bluebird on my shoulder

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The 52 Weeks Project Returns #4: “Non-Exist_Ent”. Graphite on paper.

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The 52 Weeks Project Returns #6: “You Re Far Away”. Graphite on paper.

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The 52 Weeks Project Returns #14: “That Which Is, And Is Not”. Graphite on paper.

July 29 2017

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Behind a Little House, by Manuel Cosentino

July 23 2017

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A Macintosh Tribute

by messybin

July 22 2017

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- Red Tide -

July 20 2017

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July 19 2017

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July 18 2017

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